Citizen Focused Service Delivery Award.

Citizen Focused Service Delivery Award.
December 28, 2018 Comments Off on Citizen Focused Service Delivery Award. Environment Updates
IMTR/WMO-RTC,Nairobi was recognized for developing competency based curricula and training which has resulted in KMD issuing accurate impact-based forecasts. These forecasts have helped to provide early warning information to  the most vulnerable communities in Kenya that are affected by frequent droughts and floods which lead to loss of life and destruction of property and the environment. 
On behalf of the  Director KMD, I am happy to share with you this important milestone for IMTR/WMO-RTC and forward to you some of the pictures of the ceremony for your information.
(The Public Service Excellence Awards were established in the year 2015 to recognize public service employees who have demonstrated excellence in achieving results for Kenyans and who reflect the priorities of the ideal public service, while demonstrating key competencies).  

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