Clean Energy Business Information Centre (CEBIC) Visit 24TH -26TH JULY, 2017, Lesidai, Samburu County

Clean Energy Business Information Centre (CEBIC) Visit 24TH -26TH JULY, 2017, Lesidai, Samburu County
March 7, 2018 Comments Off on Clean Energy Business Information Centre (CEBIC) Visit 24TH -26TH JULY, 2017, Lesidai, Samburu County Mitigation
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Photos on superstructure walling and steel fixing to columns ongoing during site inspection

Access to  timely  and  up-to  date  information  like  market  information  especially  in marginalized  areas  is  a  critical  element  for  spurring  economic  development  given  the dynamism  of  some  sectors  like  agriculture  that these  communities  heavily  depend  on. Under  the  second  Medium  Term  Plan (MTP  II)  of  Vision  2030,  the  Government  of  Kenya prioritizes on inclusive economic growth and job creation through supporting the creation of Small and  Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that can play a key role in improving livelihoods. Access to climate  change  information  in  relation  to  adaptation  and  mitigation,  is  one  innovative approach of enhancing resilience for vulnerable production systems and households – since it helps communities to prepare in case of unforeseen negative eventualities. It  is  against  this  background  that  the  Low  Emission  and  Climate  Resilient  Development (LECRD) Project is facilitating the establishment of a Community Education Business and Information Centre (CEBIC) in Lesidai, Samburu County. The Centre which is currently under construction is expected to offer multiple services including; a meeting facility, cultural centre for displaying of indigenous technologies, a library, shop that will sell various products including household renewable energy technologies and agro-vet products, and Information Communication Technology (ICT)  facility. The Centre will serve the community around Loosuk which is one of the 5 wards in Samburu West Sub-county with a geographical coverage of 690.8 Km2, a total population of approximately 20,000 persons-while the whole Sub-county has a total population of 92,676.

A site inspection visit and community meeting was held on the 24th and 25th of July. Participating in the visit were officers from the LECRD project and USAID which was represented by Mr. Enock Kanyanya. Construction works were found to be progressing well, as the substructure works were complete and the superstructure walling and steel fixing to columns ongoing. It is expected that the Centre construction and equipping will be complete by November, 2017. During the community meeting, it was affirmed that the centre will offer great benefits to the community whose main livelihood is pastrolism and is often greatly affected by climate change. The Community members expressed that their expectation was that the Centre will be used for community empowerment through poverty eradication and peace dialogues for both the Samburu and the neighboring Pokot community. It was further proposed that the Centre be managed by the County, in this regard it was proposed that the Village Administrator be domiciled at the Centre and offer County services from this facility. During previous meetings with county officials it had been proposed that the county provide a budgetary allocation for the operation of the centre. It is expected that a stakeholder validation meeting will be held in the month of September to validate the CEBIC operational model that has been developed by the LECRD Project through Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN).