The Amazing and Resourceful National Climate Change Resource Center

The Amazing and Resourceful National Climate Change Resource Center
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The Amazing and Resourceful National Climate Change Resource Center is located along Ngong road in Nairobi, Kenya. Sharing same compound with the Kenya Meteorological Department Headquarters’. A place full of resources you need in getting to know more about the climate change. This is thanks to our Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and its partners.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry

This is the most important ministry in our country. As it is responsible for managing our natural resources and ensuring Kenyans have access to a clean environment.

They may have some down falls, but at least they doing amends and working hard to help us appreciate our beautiful environment. That attracts people from all over the world.

By the way, I still don’t know why they rebranded from being the Ministry of environment and natural resources. But I do like the new one too. And hopes that, they do protect all our natural resources.

They are very present online and offline. Allowing the public access to information, projects and to air their public opinions.

Climate change effects are already being felt in our country. Hence a matter that needs to be addressed and public educated adequately. That’s why, the resource center came in handy at such a convenient time.

 The Climate Change Resource Center

I didn’t know about this resourceful place, but through climate change workshop, it was made known to me.

With the dust in some of the books, it’s evident we have many like me out there. Which has to change.

The workshop helped bloggers get to know more about climate change, what our country has done so far about it and what still needs to be done. It brought together bloggers who are now doing good job in educating others through their content creating platforms.

The workshop was only for three days, so we were only given introductions but welcomed to visit the center for more information. We were surrounded by resourceful scientists and organizers who are ready to point us to the best directions whenever need be.

Since the workshop, they have been following up with us. So the workshop indeed work out. More bloggers are willing and open to climate change blogging. And they are tirelessly doing the best to learn more so that they can educate their readers.

This quest is what lead me and few of my friends, who are bloggers too, to this amazing place. We arranged a meeting with a very wonderful lady who has been very helpful in impacting knowledge to us. Meet Sheila, she one of the sweetest ladies I have ever interacted with. Willing to assist and offer advice anytime with no hesitation.

What can you enjoy at the resource center?

It’s a huge place with everything you need under one roof.

From meeting rooms, learning halls, talking walls, Climate Change Directorates’ offices, and even a library. You just have to visit it to full have a glimpse of what am trying to elaborate here.

The library was my favorite place. I wish I could spend several more hours, but it was already late and I was heading to another meeting. So yes, am so going back there to continue with what I started.

The library contains all books that addresses climate change. That is,

  • Politics surrounding climate change
  • Gender and climate change
  • Climate change books for kids and teens
  • Climate change projects, competitions and other documents
  • Climate change and IT
  • Finance and Economics relations with climate change

In short, it is stocked with all books that will help you know all that needs to be understood about climate change.

Being outside the noisy Nairobi CBD, you have all the quietness you need to consume knowledge from these books. Did I forget to tell you how they have pampered the center with comfortable chairs, environmental pictures and ample of natural light. It’s a paradise waiting for you.


Do you understand anything about climate change? Do you want to have a deeper understanding about it? Do you want to know how you can help curb it?

This resource center is waiting for you. You don’t have to be a blogger, to benefit from it. You just have to be willing to be that change Kenya and entire world needs.

Come learn and get the word out there. Through your actions, practices, or whatever way you will choose to digest the information given to you.

Apart from the resource center, they also have a climate change portal that has been made public for those who like getting information online. The portal gives you access to any information you want to know about our environment and issues surrounding it.

I will be going back soon, wait for more and I assure you. Climate change calamity will be understandable and together we will conquer it.

So if you are in Kenya, especially Nairobi, do visit this climate change resource center and give those books justice. They were no thought to gather dust in the shelves. For my international fans, check out climate change portal and see how we are doing it.