Technology development, transfer and diffusion are required to avoid the adverse effects of climate change and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Development partner support has helped the private sector scale up technology innovations, and the government has undertaken action to identify priority technologies. Select technology actions are described below.

Technology Needs Assessment (2013): Prioritises environmental sustainable technology needs for mitigation and adaptation and develops their technology action plans. Priority technologies include: solar home systems, solar dryers, bio-digesters, drought resistant sorghum, roof-surface water harvesting and drip irrigation. Partners: NEMA, Global Environment Fund administered by UNEP

National Designated Entity for the Climate Technology Centre and Network: the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute was nominated in 2013 to serve as the national entity for the development and transfer of technologies, and as a focal point for interacting with the climate technology centre regarding requests from the country about its technology needs. Partners: Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development

Kenya Climate Innovation Centre: provides capacity building and financial support for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to scale up and deploy innovative solutions in the water, renewable energy and agri-business sectors. Partners: World Bank InfoDev, Governments of Denmark and the United Kingdom

REACT, Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund: provides repayable grants to develop business ideas based on low-cost clean energy solutions that help smallholder farmers adapt to climate change. Partners: AGRA, Governments of Australia, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, and International Fund for Agricultural Development

Loan products for improved technologies: Micro-Africa, Rafiki Micro, Equity Bank, Family Bank and others provide loan products that help borrowers purchase climate-friendly technologies such as biogas systems, solar lighting, improved cook stoves and water storage tanks.