CCAID Government Ministries

CCA162 : Office of the Prime Minister – Climate Change Coordinating Unit

The climate change coordinating unit, in close collaboration with the Ministry Environment and Mineral Resources under whom the line activities on climate fall, undertake activities of a coordinating nature given the multidisciplinary nature of climate. It facilitates cross sectoral consultations between Government Ministries, Parastatals, Private Sector (including Industry), Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Academia. Their ultimate objective is to highlight climate change as an issue which needs attention at the national level and to ensure that climate change is factored into national sustainable development planning. They are also engaged in the preparation National Climate Change Action Plan in close collaboration with all relevant Ministries and other stakeholders.

Office of the prime minister
+254 (020) 3247000
CCA163 : Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (MEMR)

NHIF Building 12th Floor

Ragati Road , Upperhill

P.O Box 30126 -00100


The mandate of the ministry is to monitor, protect, conserve and manage the environment and natural resources through sustainable exploitation for socio-economic development aimed at eradication of poverty, improving living standards and ensuring that a clean environment is sustained now and in the future. The ministry comprises of various divisions at the headquarters and the following parastatals and department:

National Environment Management Authority
Kenya Meteorological Department
Mines and Geology Department
Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSRS)

Core Functions

 Environment and Natural Resources Policy formulation, analysis and review
 Sustainable management of Mineral resources and conservation of environment Continuous development of geo-database for integrated natural resources and environmental management systems
Conduct applied research and dissemination of research findings in land resources and geology
Carry out geological surveys, mineral exploration and regulation of mining and use of commercial explosives.
Promote, monitor and coordinate environmental activities and enforce compliance of environmental regulations and guidelines
Meteorological services


Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources
+254 (020) 2730808/9
CCA164 : Ministry of Energy
Nyayo House 23rd floor,
Kenyatta Avenue

The mandate of the Ministry of Energy is to facilitate the provision of clean, secure, sustainable and affordable energy services for social-economic development while protecting the environment. The ministry’s renewable energy department works to develop policies on renewable energy, promote and develop renewable energy technologies, promote energy conservation and public awareness on renewable energy amongst others.

Ministry of Energy
+254 (020) 310112, 0726 993 292
020 2228314
CCA165 : Ministry of Fisheries Development

The ministry is involved in programmes geared towards cushioning against the impacts of climate change. These include:
Mangrove replanting Overall 300ha had been covered successfully in Gazi, Mida, Mombasa, Ngomeni and Lamu. Major species replanted
include Rhizophora, Ceriops, Avicennia, Sonneratia and Bruguiera. The mangroves serve as critical habitats for fish breeding.
Fishery Management and Sustainable Coastal Environment Development Project This has been done under the Kenya Coastal Development
Project (KCDP), at a total cost of KSh50 million. This is a multi-sectoral project aimed at;
Research and monitoring of the near shore coral reefs and potential in tourism development.
Survey and mapping of ecologically sensitive areas.
The Government is committed to implementing the Oceans and Fisheries Policy (2008) which also addresses pertinent Climate Change
issues.., etc

Permanent Secretary
+254 2716103/85
CCA166 : Ministry of Finance
Treasury Building, Room 218 (2nd Floor)
P. O Box 30007- 00100

The Ministry of Finance plays a central role on climate change. It supports the formulation of economic policies that address climate change and ensures that the country takes full advantage of the market-based mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol by creating awareness on the Carbon Markets. The ministry has initiated engagements with both multilateral development banks and the international development agencies in an attempt to streamline and encourage the carbon credit trading.

Ministry of Finance
+254 (020) 340932
CCA167 : Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife
41934 -00100

The mandate of Ministry of Forestry & Wildlife is to coordinate the functions of three Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs) involved in the implementation of activities aimed at protecting, conserving and managing sustainable development of forestry and wildlife resources in the country. State Corporations under the ministry are: Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, Institute, and Wildlife Clubs of Kenya.

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife
+254(020) 2219622
CCA168 : Ministry of Lands

The Ministry of Lands has drafted a National Land Policy that gives clear principles, vision, strategies, direction and course of action that the Government intends to pursue on land use management in Kenya that contributes positively to the country’s global climate. The Ministry has also started implementing some activities that are geared towards the protection of the environment and hence mitigate climate change. Some of these include:

Repossessing any land that falls within water catchment areas and riparian reserves that had been irregularly allocated
Putting in place measures to stop any development within those areas
Making rural land use planning an integral part of land adjudication process
The review of planning and development control legislation to harmonise governance structures, decision making processes, planning standards and regulations

Ministry of lands
+254 (020) 2718050 / 2716822
CCA169 : Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation

The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has been working very closely with international organisations and Government of Kenya institutions to mitigate effects of climate change. At the national level, the ministry is an active member in the various inter-ministerial forums that address Climate Change and other disasters. For example it works with the Ministry of State for Special Programmes as part of the national food security coordinating committee. The Ministry of Public Health will continue to pursue policies aimed at addressing effects of Climate Change at the country level while advocating for mutually productive negotiations at any Climate Change forum so as to save vulnerable groups in Kenya and Africa.

+254 (020) 717077 Ext: 45143, +254 721264965
CCA170 : Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid lands
79247 -00200

The Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands was created in April 2008 in recognition by the government that the region has not enjoyed the same level of development as the rest of the country. The Ministry runs the Arid Lands Resource Management Project (ALRMP) that aims to address complex problems of vulnerability, enabling communities to move beyond survival and subsistence to sustainable development. Affiliations: DANIDA, GEF,IIED , European Union , DFID, World Bank, UNDP, WFP

Permanent Secretary
CCA171 : Ministry of State for Special Programmes
Comcraft House, 5th Floor, Haile Selasie Avenue
P. O. Box 40213 – 0010

The Ministry of State for Special Programmes functions to coordinate the formulation and implementation of Policies and Institutional framework for Disaster Management as well as the mobilization of resources for Disaster Management. It also coordinates all stakeholders in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Disaster Management Programme.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of State for Special Programmes,
+254 (020) 2250645