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May 10, 2016 Environment Updates

National Youth Service Director General Matilda Sakwa (Left) and Food and Agriculture Organization Country Representative Dr. Gabriel Rugalema when they launched a tree planting exercise at the NYS Gilgil The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) , will partner with the National Youth Service in training 60,000 recruits on growing trees on farms that can provide

Cricket’s Climate Change Dilemma
May 10, 2016 News

Climate change, of course, is a big talking point across the world right now. Pardon the pun, but cricket is feeling the heat too. Cricket is a summer … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

BROWN | Climate Change Isn’t the Only Reason to Divest From Fossil Fuels
May 10, 2016 News

20 to protest government inaction toward climate change and demand divestment from fossil fuels. The case for divestment has never been stronger: … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

Taking Steps Together on Equity & Climate Change: A Report by and for New Orleanians
May 10, 2016 News

Greater New Orleans Foundation, City of New Orleans, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, Partners Unveil New Climate Action Equity … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

Multifactor Models Reveal Worse Picture of Climate Change Impact on Marine Life
May 10, 2016 News

Rising ocean temperatures have long been linked to negative impacts for marine life, but a Florida State University team has found that the long-term … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

The Climate Crisis is Global, but These 6 Places Face the Most Severe Consequences
May 10, 2016 News

Climate change is expected to affect every country in the world, but its impact will not be felt equally across all regions and some will be worse hit than … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

UN report claims climate change could render tens of millions of toilets unable to flush
May 10, 2016 News

We’ve heard a lot of wild claims about climate change — for example, that climate change created ISIS — but the United Nations is out with a new … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

Take part in Climate Change Policy Research and assist Vale in revising 2019
May 10, 2016 News

Vale has had a Climate Change Policy since 2008 aligned with the Kyoto Protocol and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

Russia Moves on Climate Change, While the US Stalls
May 10, 2016 News

Today’s Agenda. Americans will have to sacrifice to fight climate change. Trump is at war with the state itself. Stop calling Elizabeth Warren a socialist. Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico

What Is Greenwashing? Businesses Pledge Climate Change Actions—Sometimes to Cover Up …
May 10, 2016 News

Eighty-seven companies with a market capitalization of $2.3 trillion declared they would be carbon neutral by 2050, the United Nations said in press … Go to Source Powered by WPeMatico