How much do you love your air?

How much do you love your air?
March 28, 2019 Comments Off on How much do you love your air? Blog,Environment Updates

Smell is a quick indicator of the hygiene conditions of a place, person or item. To deal with oduor, people have devised many solutions. The obvious and right method being cleaning the mess that is causing the smell. This is the healthiest and cheapest method.

However, there are other methods like using air fresheners and scented candles to mask the oduors. This method is quicker and uses less effort but only works for a while. More disadvantageous is the effects that it has on human health and the environment.

Air fresheners are prepared by mixing up industrial chemicals. Fewer than 10% of air freshener ingredients are typically disclosed to the public. No matter what the label reads, there is no way for the ordinary consumer to ascertain the contents of their favorite
air freshener or scented candles. Thank God though for lab tests and scientists.  Studies reveal that there are atleast two dangerous chemicals that are used in the manufacture of air fresheners

When fresheners are used they release Volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air. You know how wonderous it is that air / vapour comes out of a can? That is made possible by chemicals such as VOC which does this work. Health problems are thought to occur from the chemicals in the air fresheners and from their secondary pollutants.
Types of VOCs are terpenes such as limonene, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene; terpenoids such as linalool and alpha-terpineol; ethanol, formaldehydebenzenetoluene, and xylene) and semi-volatile organic compounds (such as phthalates).

Phthalates, responsible for the spreading of the scent are proven to cause serious effects in your reproductive system including hormonal abnormalities and deformation in births.

Benzene also used in the manufacture of air fresheners and scented candles is known to cause leukemia. It also causes dizziness, unconsciousness or death. That is not all, when exposed to it for long, it will interfere with bone marrow and blood production.

Apart from human health, our climate system is also affected by the use of aerosols.  I am sure you have noted that the rainfall patterns have changed and there is a reduction in the rain that we are getting these days and also there have been alterations in the  patterns of wind and atmospheric circulation. While I am not saying aerosols alone contribute to these effects on climate, its good to note that it can do significant damage.
Other than cleaning and opening your windows, you could use natural odour killers like
spices and essential oils like lavender or cinammmon; vinegar or zeolite to keep fresh and stay healthy while at the same time saving up on some money and the environment.