Wanton destruction derails 10 % achievement

Wanton destruction derails 10 % achievement
July 26, 2019 Comments Off on Wanton destruction derails 10 % achievement Environment Updates

CS Keriako Tobiko poses for a group photo with Kikuyu Council of Elders .

Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko has decried the wanton destruction of forests which he says has derailed efforts to achieve the minimum threshold of 10% tree cover.

“For the last six years 31,000 and 75,000 hectares of plantation and natural forests respectively have been felled without replanting” The CS said.

He reiterated the need for massive tree growing where the country needs to plant atleast 1.8billion trees in five years which translates to about 360 million tree seedlings per year in order to achieve the bare minimum tree cover by 2022.

The CS said this will be achieved through concerted efforts from all stakeholders. His Ministry he said will embark on a Greening Kenya campaign which targets schools to grow and nurture trees as well as establishment of tree nurseries countrywide.

He spoke in his office today when he received council of Elder from the Gikuyu community.

Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko has said Government did not come with forests from the skies, it found it with the communities living around it in prestine state and being protected and sustainably utilized.

“Communities have used forest resources such as honey, herbs, firewood and grass without destroying it and in accordance with laid down customs and traditions” CS said.

The CS acknowledged the role played by the Council of Elders such as the Kaya elders, NchuriNcheke among others in the conservation and preservation of forests and its resources.

He equated the power of curses administered by elders in the event one destroyed the forest as worth more than 100 forest rangers.

He urged the elders to ensure while performing their sacrifices and offering prayers they protect and replant degraded sites in the forests.

The CS was speaking today in his office, when he met with the Kikuyu Council of Elders Association lead by its Secretary General Rev Peter Munga.

The elders proposed a partnership with the Ministry in conservation of forest and forest resources as they perform their prayers and sacrifices in forests.

CS Keriako Tobiko joins traditional prayers conducted by Gikuyu Council of Elders at his Office.

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