Priority actions for the national performance benefit measurement system (comes under reporting and verification)


Establish MRV+ System Governance Structures: the aim of this task is to set up the governance structure, teams and components of the MRV+ system delivering both MRV of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mitigation activities and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the adaptation activities.

Cost Estimate : 30 millions 


Climate Change Relevant Data Tracking and Mapping: the aim of this action is to map the data flows (sources and destinations) required for reporting of all the data necessary for the MRV+ system, including the GHG inventory.

Cost Estimate : 20 millions 


Indicators and Baselines: the aim of this action is to define the mitigation and adaptation indicators that the GoK will use, and to create baselines to support these indicators from the available data where possible. Where the information for the baselines is not available, this action would initiate work programmes to gather the necessary data.

Cost Estimate : 20 millions 


Institutional Capacity Strengthening and Staff Capacity Building in MDAs and LGAs: the aim of the action is to build institutional as well as individual capacities of the Government agencies and staff involved in providing data for the MRV+ system.

Cost Estimate : 215 millions 


GHG inventory, Biennial Update Reports (BURs) and National Communications (NCs): the aim of this action is to update the current GHG inventory, to write the first BUR, and to write the next in the series of NCs.

Cost Estimate : Part of Action 1


M&E of Institutional Adaptive Capacity Indicators (demonstration): the aim of this action is to demonstrate effective adaptation M&E within a key MDA, such as forestry and wildlife, water and irrigation, or agriculture/ livestock/ fisheries, in order to facilitate roll-out across all relevant MDAs.

Cost Estimate :11 Millions


M&E of Vulnerability Indicators (demonstration): the aim of this action is to demonstrate the effective adaptation M&E within a suitable county, in order to facilitate roll-out across all counties.

Cost Estimate :11 Millions


Effectiveness Assessment of Adaptation at the County Level (demonstration): the aim of this action is to show how adaptation M&E can be used to guide collective action for local climate adaptation, and to assess how well collective action on climate adaptation benefits the climate vulnerable poor.

Cost Estimate :20Millions


Climate Change Relevant Data Repository (CCRDR): the aim of this action is to set up an extensive data repository to enable currently fragmented data sets to be readily accessed, viewed and queried with associated geospatial information. It is a subcomponent of NPBM-1, but described separately because it could be implemented independently.

Cost Estimate :Part of action part 1

Estimated Time  :5 years

Total Cost Estimate :927 Millions