Governor Mutua shows way for Devolved Waste Management

Governor Mutua shows way for Devolved Waste Management
August 20, 2019 Comments Off on Governor Mutua shows way for Devolved Waste Management Environment Updates

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua while on a development tour of Tala in Mwatungulu sub-county where he launched 400 new large garbage bins.

As the devolved function of waste management gains momentum, Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has led the way by spearheading cleanliness in various towns of the county.

He urged residents to uphold high standards of cleanliness in an effort to make the county the cleanest in the entire East African region.

Speaking in Tala town of Matungulu Sub-county in Machakos Friday during a development tour where 400 new large garbage bins were launched, the Governor urged the residents not to litter the ground with garbage.

Dr. Mutua who also launched six new skip loaders, two modern compacting trucks and a street light truck said his government is building town roads and constructing modern drainage systems

“We are paving walkways and concreting open ground. We are also installing solar street lights. The idea is to make our towns and villages modern and eliminate dust and mud” said the Governor.

Some of the dustbins that were distributed by the Machakos County government in Tala area of Matungulu sub-county of Machakos. The governor called on the residents to uphold high levels of cleanliness.

Dr. Mutua pointed that cleanliness and order starts with an individual adding that the country is ready for generational change.

“We need new leadership that will ensure money gets into the pockets of our people. Kenyans are tired of being broke and poor while a few people and some corrupt leaders swim in wealth” said Dr. Mutua.

The second term Governor who is aspiring to contest for the 2022 Presidential seat reiterated that economic growth calls for innovation, experience in development, and energy to transform Kenya.

“That is why I reiterate that as a young, dynamic leader, I will, by the grace of God and will of the people of Kenya, be the next President of the Republic of Kenya,” Said Dr. Mutua.

He urged leaders not to be obsessed with politicking adding that the country needs speeded up development so that the economy grows.

Quoting the words of the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill that you ought to change the environment and the environment will change you, Dr. Mutua pointed out that leadership should be about transforming lives through quantifiable and wide-reaching development programmes.

According to the Governor, the county has already installed over 1800 mulika mwizi floodlights and street lights, nearly 500 dams, pans and weirs for harvesting water and 441 solar powered boreholes for feeding the over 360 km new water pipes in the villages.

“Our over 1,000 primary schools each have a free 10,000-liter water tanks from my Government. The journey of removing the shame of lack of water is past halfway in Machakos” added Dr. Mutua.

“This is quantifiable and verifiable development that has changed lives. Now, our youth have time to attend the 40 free polytechnics in Machakos County to equip themselves with skills to enable them to gain employment” he added.



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